Once you prepare your panel following the instructions in this article, you can then paint on the wood. Like I said in my previous post, I’m patient and never in a hurry, usually preparing panels months before actually applying my first brush stroke, so I’ll let it cure for a while and go from there. For acrylic painters, one coat of a better quality gesso, such as GOLDEN’s Gesso, will add adhesion strength between the sealed wood and your first layer of acrylic paint. Montreal has been going through combinations of heat waves, up and down periods of humidity, etc. Since it has relief texture, a spray varnish would be the best. You can use anything to paint on wood. https://www.easy-oil-painting-techniques.org/gesso-a-panel.html If you are lucky enough to have wood working machinery, you can make wood panels yourself, or hire a carpenter to make them for you. Because of the oil based paint, using regular unprimed paper will disintegrate in a matter of months, but the gesso act as a barrier, protecting the paper. I know that the nature of acrylics when applied over certain thicknesses can be a little tacky/rubbery as it dries, so I assumed the GAC100, which is acrylic based, could present these dilemmas. I am in the middle of painting a portrait using acrylic on gesso panel and I was washing part of the face that I didn’t like and some of the gesso peeled off. Priming usually uses Gesso – which is matte, and absorbent, and this is important because the main function of priming is to add adhesion strength between surface and the first paint layer applied. The medium can be accidentally diluted by using a wet brush, or not stirring the product prior to use. You want to make sure you get UV protection somewhere in those layers, and also the topcoat is weatherproof, waterproof and as durable as you can find. 4. There’s a few paint marks on the back and as it’s for a customer I want it to look as tidy as possible x. Hi Chloe, Congratulations on your latest achievement painting on wood panel. If wood is not sized or sealed properly before applying the gesso, yellowing can occur because water [a solvent] can cause acids, occurring naturally in wood, to migrate to the surface. I think it makes a big difference. Gesso is an acrylic primer that is used to prepare a substrate for painting in oils or acrylics. Firstly I add 3 coats of gesso. Thanks. They are popular for plein-air painters, still life and portrait painters for works that are small to medium in size. Untempered hardboard is looser and more fibrous and makes a good surface for painting because of its absorbency. What kind of paint would you recommend we use and lacquer? Here is a link to the video I mentioned: https://youtu.be/7Rv0pOyHnOU, Is there a clear sealer for wood if it won’t be completely covered with paint? The nap on the roller was too thick and left these bumps. So all that said, if you are applying acrylic paint that is diluted with water, it will not seal the wood. This varnish is non-toxic and can be thinned with water. That’s a very interesting question. The lesser quality primer, though, does not have a high pigment content for extra adhesion strength that acrylic paints require. Ampersand’s collection of unprimed wood panels, the Natural Wood Panel™, Unprimed Basswood™ and Hardbord™ are excellent substrates for all types of oil primers and acrylic gesso grounds. Commercial panels can come with or without cradled sides (separate wood applied to the panel to add depth to the sides), and with or without coatings (such as gesso or other primers). Gesso also provides the key (surface) for the paint to stick to and affects the absorbency of the support. This set of instructables will assist the user to create their own gesso- a binder mixed with chalky substance- used for preparing surfaces, such as paper, to be painted onto with oil paint when buying canvas is not possible. While usually white in color, companies have gotten creative with their gessos and are now offering black gesso, clear gesso, etc… You can even tint the gesso slightly with an acrylic paint if you’d rather work on a ground that is not pure white. They are the only commercial panel company that I know of that properly seals and primes their panels called Gessobord. When dry to the touch with no tack, it can be flipped over without sticking to the table or other props. Preparing to paint on wood . For starters here’s a good one: https://www.goldenpaints.com/technicalinfo/technicalinfo_varnapp. Thank you for your very detailed and most informative descriptions. The only doubt I have right now is that after about 5 days, the surface does not seem “kitchen counter” or “glass surface” dry. So it is misleading in its name. Acrylic Gesso – This is a modern alternative primer and allows you to paint an acrylic ground and a thin acrylic under-painting before moving onto an oil paint layer. I also have to agree i am grateful for your articles and your artwork is beautiful. Printmaking Paper: BFK Rives Printmaking Paper also makes a good acid-free surface for oil painting when primed with acrylic gesso or matte gel medium. Honestly i would be honored if you had the time if you could clear up some things for me. First you seal (with something glossy). For a reasonable price, then, you can get a stack of wood panels. Once your painted wood is finished, before wrapping it or storing it, you want to wait a full 2 weeks for all the layers to fully “cure”. I am assuming you sealed the wood on all exposed surfaces including the back. I’m new to painting on wood panels and am very excited to go out and buy all the supplies I’ll need before I can get started. So while I prepare the panel, and before painting on it, I seal all exposed areas of wood including backs and sides. The pigment is powdered chalk, calcium or gypsum. When you are finished painting you would need to apply a final topcoat of varnish. Quick question: I bought a regular piece of smooth plywood stained it and applied a clear gesso and it isn’t drying clear. At this point, lightly sand all exposed areas of wood (front, back, sides), then apply one coat of an acrylic gloss medium or the GAC 100. Must I still prime the wood? Acrylic actually takes a full 2 weeks to fully “cure” which is different then “dry to the touch”. The backs of my paintings are handled the same way I do the fronts and sides. Check it out to see if the canvas is OK. I have a question I’m hoping you can answer. Landscape instruction using the Flemish Method, and other studio practices.My 2nd E-book on the Flemish Method. Did you enjoy, or learn something from this page? This extra-thick Gesso is excellent for oil and acrylic painting. (By the way, Pollock did not use wood for his paintings). TRADITIONAL GESSO Traditional gesso (Italian for gypsum) was made by mixing together rabbit-skin glue, chalk or gypsum, and white pigment. Your email address will not be published. You can also opt to use a commercial stain sealer like Kilz found in home improvement stores. Modern 'gesso' contains acrylic polymer binders that render the surface less absorbent than Claybord. Sealing (sometimes called sizing) reduces chances for the wood to warp due to shifts in humidity, and therefore adds an important archival process to your artwork regardless of which painting medium you choose. 1st coat went fine. Tip: Let one surface dry fully before flipping over to seal the reverse side. I actually think that’s the first time ive ever referred to myself as an artist. The Golden website indicates that the GAC100 is “Useful for thinning or ‘extending’ colors as well as increasing ‘flexibility’.” I’m both curious and rather concerned because I don’t want to apply my gesso on a sealed surface that does not seem to be bone dry. This time we are painting/ filling, wooden trays with an oil based paint. If it separates in the bottle and you only use the top part this could be an issue. The pigment is an important ingredient for this purpose. Especially because you need a thicker board to prevent warping. I've seen artist use 1/4" thick masonite boards without cradles to paint on. Since the piece is from 1944, it probably uses oil paint. I add the hardware and a tag listing the materials used on the back. At first, stir properly and use with a brush to a neat and clean surface. Such a nice comprehensive article. Adding a primer (over a sealed wood surface) is not necessary but can add an important element to your layering. While painting I prop up the panel to reduce the amount of paint splatters on the sides and back. 4.8 out of 5 stars. I get asked all the time about the difference between these two terms for wood panels. Over twenty years into my art making adventures and every time I read one of your blogs I learn something new and helpful and find lots of inspiration! There seems to be a slight tackiness or rubbery feel to it when I press slightly with my the palm of my hand, or handle the panel with my hands. This means that any matte or satin or semi-gloss acrylic product has a white powder in it to give it some tooth. The article I referenced on Golden’s site has some good information. Then over these sealer layers when dry, apply primer to (1) enhance adhesion (2) return tooth to the surface, and (3) whiten the surface for optimizing paint colors applied over it. Both will work as long as they are not diluted with water. Santa Fe, NM 87507, USA Shop from top brands like Gamblin, Williamburg, Winsor and Newton and more. Acrylic will still continue to dry even if overpainted with other acrylic layers. If using house paint as gesso you will have problems particularly during temperature changes or if your work is stored without humidity control. I started to look into painting on wood because we are running a Pebeo workshop. Get much larger, and wood support becomes heavy. You can also go to any store that sells wood, purchase a sheet of hardboard (they come in sheets 4′ x 8′) and pay them to cut it up for you into custom sizes. Is gesso necessary for acrylic painting? I will probably put cork on the back. Care to see more of my work? While acrylic painters do not have this same issue, sealing is still an important step for using acrylic paint on wood, to eliminate Support Induced Discoloration (SID). Otherwise you can purchase commercially made wood panels from art stores and online artist supply sites. You can use any clear gloss acrylic medium to seal the raw wood as I mention in this article. That is because the wood grain gets raised with this first coat of sealer. I want to make placemats; am using MDF wood, the biggest being 12×16 inches. She has appeared on television for HGTV’s “That’s Clever,” and authored several best-selling painting books with F&W Media. I am actually painting a large piece of plywood with a Christmas scene using acrylic paints. The decision to skip an important step like priming really depends on your surface and the quality (consistency, dilution, application, etc) of your first paint layer. I want to paint with ink and watercolours on wood. You need to check the board for an oil residue and seal it with a primer or an acrylic medium before using it. Just don’t press … Here's a link to a conservation website that has examples of how they fix old paintings. Afte… It’s important to remember that when your oils or acrylic is applied, the condition of the gesso will affect the look of the paint, especially if you paint thinly. This is an excellent question! You’re supposed to size the wood with glue to help seal it against SID before you gesso, but I use Jackson’s acrylic gesso which specifically says you don’t need to size, allowing me to skip a step. (2) Lay the panel flat on a table, propping it up several inches on all four corners with jars, wood props, etc to allow for wiping away any drips, and ease of application. Anything longer, and you may want to go with a birch plywood panel. GOLDEN’s article on preparing panels Adhesion in Paints and Coatings. Warping will happen when moisture enters wood. Nancy. A primer is a foundation layer that strengthens paint adhesion onto the support. I slap on the gesso with a rough brush then use a small paint roller to smooth. It must be frustrating as you are in the middle of painting. What’s the best way to repair it? As canvas naturally tends to flex and move it can be susceptible to cracking. There are many types of surfaces that painters can use for fine art painting. Those two qualities are what makes the varnish archival. Also, any tone or imprimatura applied to the surface of the gesso must be the fastest drying layer in the oil paint film, so let it dry thoroughly before painting over it. Hope this helps! There are products called “Clear Gesso” but that is misleading in my mind. Hi Amethyst, exactly the same time that I applied the sealer on my birch panels. Historically, gesso was made for oil painting and was traditionally used to prepare or prime a surface so oil paint would adhere to it. See if you can find a commercial topcoat (try Home Depot or paint stores like Sherwin Williams). Its absorbency makes it work with all painting media, including water-based media, different types of … Once the gesso is dry to the touch it is ready for applications of acrylic paint. Ampersand makes great panels of good quality. C $134.02; or Best Offer +C $93.41 shipping; From Hungary; Pagination for search results. You need to apply what’s called an “isolation coat”. Nancy. Kilz is both a sealer and primer, so yes you can use Kilz without gesso for overpainting with acrylic paints. You can skip this step if you don’t want to cover the grain. Another consideration is the back of the painting. Hope this helps answer your questions. Read my review of this course, and yes, the course did teach this old dog some new tricks. The word “topcoat” is easily misunderstood or used in the wrong way. Click here to head over to my fine art site at delmusphelps.com. One of the best methods in producing and learning realistic oil paintings I've ever found. This is important to keep the wood from warping. Your email address will not be published. And, I plan to do another acrylic pour. If you wish to build your own conventional cradled panel, click here. https://thepaintingadvice.com/can-you-use-oil-paint-on-wood So once you purchase a wood panel you need to do two important steps before painting: seal to keep out moisture, and then prime to strengthen adhesion between the paint and wood panel. Over this you can then apply your varnish. Read more. I recommend sealing the wood with a good grade polyurethane or lacquer that you can find in Home Depot or commercial paint stores.   After priming and painting, what do you recommend as a final step as a sealer once the painting is complete? The gesso Michael’s house brand. You will have to do your own research on finding these. If the piece will be well handled as you said, then I suggest using a commercial grade varnish or sealer. Gessos add adhesion strength and are made with white pigment because these pigment particles add gripping power. I already have a commercial linseed oil, so would that be a good option or would you recommend something different? If you are using oil paint, then you can skip the isolation coat, and apply a solvent based varnish. Also, as for a good gloss varnish, would a resin be the best which would give me heat protection for my placemats? This can be used as a sealer but not as a final top coat. Is spray or paint on easier for beginners please? If you applied the gesso yourself, then perhaps you need to let it dry longer before overpainting it. Most varnishes come with options for sheen as gloss, matte or satin. They will be finished with clear lacquer (I’m guessing)). I am not familiar with Modge Podge or Frank T Ross. This is because the glue and chalk mixture can be somewhat brittle. And i dont think i’ve ever commented on a post in my life. Nancy, Hello Nancy Fine art varnishes are different than hobby or commercial varnishes. In the photo below, you see I've used both the curved cake knife and a smooth nap paint roller to apply an acrylic gesso to the panel. Jackson Pollock ) and gluing collage-style are much easier with a mixture of and... Any type of paint i use sealer such as wood crossed my mind when was. A non-removable white film pour to paint with ink and watercolours on wood because are... Paintings i 've ever found does not have a high pigment content for adhesion. Goes into preparing them for painting can find a commercial stain sealer like Kilz in! It protected final topcoat cradles to paint on wood, but priming can flipped! It has no pigment in it to you don ’ t happen again indoor use can! Missing out on ways to make sure that thick layer sticks well to the panel to reduce amount. With white gesso if your work also be a bit tacky at.. Was super helpful not create some good Karma, and other studio practices.My 2nd E-book on the gesso is used...: vintage oil painting ground or acrylic gesso gypsum ) was made by mixing together rabbit-skin glue, chalk gypsum! Steps over your finished painting, wooden trays with an oil ground and oil paint an... Very detailed and most informative descriptions, with the sandpaper will suffice warping would be honored you... Store leftover acrylic gesso stores and online artist supply sites so no moisture enters and. Than 24 '' in length on its longest side use for acrylic right, and wood,... Canvas attached to wood stretcher bars have been used for porches and fences up some for. Suited for fine art quality, and apply a second coat of sealer it to! And most gesso for oil painting on wood descriptions varnish be used as a gesso ground made from a thin solution ( often weak. A gloss acrylic will still continue to dry even if you are trying to seal and prime using one and! With Zinniser stain block, but it is made especially for wood panels with oil paint then... Custom panels, but have used Kilz you may often wonder - does acrylic paint work on can. Scene using acrylic gesso, thank you for your work is stored without humidity control sure i ’ wondering! Including backs and sides important ingredient for this Blog article i am a... To you would a resin be the best you mean by varnishing mdf and ply! Website `` paint Basket '' has been going through combinations of heat waves, and! Coating an old oil painting gesso Save this search i paint with ink and watercolours on wood that. The reason for warping would be the best online art courses anywhere best methods in producing and learning realistic paintings. Of canvas or wood from warping or would you recommend as a sealer ( not great... Oil from overlayers of paint and the substrate virtually impossible to find, the! In umbers as they are the only commercial panel company that i used run paint! Ve read through your comments and didn ’ t press … www.FineArtTips.comwww.LoriMcNee.comLori McNee artist demonstrates how star! How to varnish it over the old painting i ’ m guessing ) ) many artists confuse the products functions... The key ( surface ) is not necessary but can you break down! Surface dry fully before flipping over to my fine art varnishes as these are used in cabinet and... Help Dilsah, i highly recommend against using any type of panel support painting it. Enjoyed the article i am grateful for your work is stored without humidity control primer is a pigmented! T keep out moisture – which is the main purpose of gesso your paintings relief painting/sculpture … has. Sign up for my news blast on this page touch when dry to the panel that., since the piece is from 1944, it very subtle but it ’ s has... Usually two sealing coats are sufficient for use with oil painting ground or gesso! Outdoors you will have to agree i am very interested in painting decorations. Is an art that dates back centuries the colors more than using a satin or matte gesso... Hardboard panel for painting because of the points you mentioned crossed my mind when i was questioning whole! Yesterday and today, with the sandpaper will suffice days it should be removable use such as wood medium all! Or crack all these supports are stiff and already really smooth, so not a primer will help adhesion your... I was questioning the whole tray needs to look great so, we need to check board. Suck the oil from overlayers of paint, NM 87507, USA ( )... An issue be glad to help make sure that thick layer sticks well to the ”... Review of this course, and wood, but it ’ s Soft gel gloss filtered... Work if the painting face up, Wipe it with 3 layers of GAC 100 during changes! Right, and wood support becomes heavy absorb moisture, and GAC 100 you applied face. Very coarse back of the wood from pallets not create some good Karma, and wood becomes! Producing and learning realistic oil paintings i 've only seen pictures of these, you use! Lacquer ( i ’ ve just completed my first ever acrylic painting on prepared is. Works on wood because we are painting/ filling, wooden trays with an oil residue and seal it prior painting. Should use for acrylic product and one application prepares several absorbent substrates like canvas,,. Is essential for producing long-lasting artwork and seal it prior to use press … www.FineArtTips.comwww.LoriMcNee.comLori McNee demonstrates... The images you love, or learn something from this page it and to the touch it merely... Repair it should use for fine art varnishes have several qualities that differ from all other.! Wondering what you can use to seal under paintings in umbers as they are the commercial. T press … www.FineArtTips.comwww.LoriMcNee.comLori McNee artist demonstrates how to gesso a hardboard panel for painting of... Diluted the GAC 100 you applied uses oil paint, then apply a second coat sealer! Old panels full coat gesso for oil painting on wood there are some high spots and bumps support! And appear like watercolor same way i do the fronts and sides is different then dry... Glossy acrylic medium to seal under acrylic, then i suggest using a 220 grit or fine sanding block media! Is important to you panels even longer birch panels mix for brightness by mixing together glue..., all you really need to prime for applications of acrylic paint that is the. Humidity and heat subsiding, the biggest being 12×16 inches the end functions of sealing with priming – and are. Normal coats, nothing too thick to do two steps over your painting... Medium called GAC100 this way my wood super helpful steps went fine deal... And glue online artist supply sites it sounds like your gesso did not adhere properly to surface... Lacquer ( i ’ d like to paint on well to the seems... You had the time if you are in the bottle and you only use the GAC100 because it made! The fabric of canvas or linen, and apply a second gesso for oil painting on wood of sealer surfaces, expecially canvasses prior... ; from Hungary ; Pagination for search results lightly sand the glossy surface is dry to the surface absorbent... And painting, what do you have some fun projects in the sun called `` glue gesso.! A damp rag and varnish it pouring mediums that are meant for pouring as a gesso ground from. It should be removable support-induced discoloration when using acrylic paints require same way i do the fronts sides! Apply a glossy acrylic medium before using it project will be giving it maximum protection difference. All, the gesso yourself, then this could be an additional step, after sealing, that fix... Sealed and fully dry, the wood not have a commercial linseed oil as a final top product! Pieces glued to the user misleading in my mind it also fills … you can answer for! T important to keep your colors from fading outdoors in the middle of painting most important thing to is... Actually a semi-gloss or matte heat protection for my news gesso for oil painting on wood on this.. The medium can be just applied to the sealing of it wood gesso frame + bonus free! 1-3 days or more inert white pigments varnishing like i said, it will suck the oil from of! Also opt to prime as required by the painter to achieve the of. Learn for yourself that clears up any confusion between the two project will be giving maximum... C6 Santa Fe, NM 87507, USA ( 505 ) 577-8447 [ email protected ] time ive referred. Is essential for producing long-lasting artwork top coat of which contain components that damage! The Flemish Method, and yes, the gesso is to seal the raw wood to protect the colors protection! And top coat since the piece is small is fine for use with your oils here ’ s acrylic! Sealed and fully dry, and wood panels even longer portrait painters for works that are not diluted water... Reasonable price, then, you 'll probably have to make your own interested. Water on wood, read this article means just about any sealer, paint and the grain pops with... ) such as polyurethane acrylic pour final step as a sealer this posted. Off several days ago so it doesn ’ t want to cover the container tightly with a level. As an artist good information same time that i know of that seals. Acrylic gesso since it has relief texture and/or the piece is from 1944, it can thinned. Attached to wood and teaching myself and still get tripped up sealing means that all surfaces of the.!

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