You knocked the ball out of the park. Although she spends most of her time writing, she also enjoys spending time with her husband and four children, watching films, cooking, dining out, reading, motorsports, gaming, and walking along the beach next to her house with her dog. Its a death sentence on those who depend on their county health care and services related to health care. Its a death sentence on those who depend on their county health care and services related to health care. Gastonia has FAR more crime than most of these places mentioned, so it really makes me wonder about your criteria… I know people who live in Tarboro and love it – have heard good things about Forest City, and Statesville is as exciting as a root canal, but the terrible high crime they talk about must be the drug busts in the South side, since violent crime is very rare. After getting my degree, I couldn’t wait to leave. Curlylocks, Hamlet schools are absolutely dreadful. My wife and I moving from Charlotte was the best choice we have made, it is becoming California. If you’re considering heading to North Carolina, you’ll find plenty of places that score highly across the board. Rank Last Year: 4 (No Change) 1. The chance of something even worse happening isn’t that much better, thanks to a violent crime rate of 1461 crimes per 100k. Required fields are marked *. Onion Light. Just saying. If you’re lucky enough to stay in one of the town’s few acceptable hotels…(the one’s not infested with bedbugs or about to be condemned) you’ll pay a hefty occupancy tax to fund the ever growing I95 billboard portfolio. I always felt safe. Most summer precipitation occurs as localized thunderstorms. Just like every other town there are bad people and Hamlet does have some. I’ve got a place in Hamlet. Michael Jordan’s mother lives there, so, there goes your rich fancy folks theory :/. Some towns in Brunswick county should have been in that list. So people want to be where they can get a decent job and be comfortable. Why would you have a survey like this? Considering that property value is usually a good indication of the desirability of a place, it’s little wonder that the median home value in this little corner of North Carolina is a tiny $83,500. The power companies scam you. Rockingham is no better, with the high school being the worst excuse for an educational institution I have ever seen in my life. Summers are generally mild to warm and humid, with varying temperatures. Its a great town for late night high stakes gambling, cheap hookers and gun running. Nothing but crack heads, pill heads, and meth heads. Selma might be many things, but desirable it most certainly isn’t. Neither does the fact that, according to Area Vibes, the median household income is 37% lower than the national average and the unemployment rate is 73% higher than the national average. But Ive lived in big cities like Indianapolis and it still took is 20 mins to get to the movies or mall. The mortgage companies and banks will engineer foreclosures and take your house. The average home value of $105,200 is a full 46% lower than the North Carolina average – a huge indication of just how little people want to live here. 10. North Charleston. One of the most noted citizens, who’s name graces a public building in town, openly had a child with his own daughter. I am astonished by the accuracy of your report. And there are towns that are worse that could have been put on that list. Roxboro doesn’t have a whole lot going for it these days. It is. The schools there are a joke and as far as small town values, you must be referring to the darker side of the values. Lumberton 8. I’m guessing…no. Forest City 10. Yes, minimum wage is $7.25, but that’s true everywhere in NC! I moved from the west coast to live in Forest City 20 yrs ago. After all the bad, thanks for mentioning the good. How could leave the anus of North Carolina off the list – Lumberton! Since no one can point fingers, murderers walk free and child abuse is not investigated. After analyzing 131 of the Tar Heel State's most populous cities, we came up with this list as the 10 worst places to live in the state: What? Chinese Real Estate Investors Take Foothold In the U.S. The median home value of $60,900 speaks volumes about the desirability of the town, as does the complete dearth of recreational, cultural, and entertainment opportunities. No wonder people are leaving and stores are closing because of a lack of business. I live on 74. The Midlands area runs from the middle of South Carolina's Georgia border to the border of southeastern North Carolina. I wouldn’t live anywhere else. As for the architecture, yes. Unemployment Rate: 9.5% (18th worst) Has the person who wrote this actually visited these places? This subject has been in play since before Hurricane Florence. According to Home Snacks, Garland ranks as one of the very worst small towns in North Carolina. That’s why they were so effective at blocking the Colcor investigation. Liz loves the process of researching information, learning new things, and putting into words what others who share her interests might like to read. So at least they have one another. Lexington is the 42nd most dangerous place in the state of North Carolina. There are a lot of great attributes to each of these towns that weren’t taken into effect. The unemployment rank is also higher than almost every other city in the state at 7.2%. Your email address will not be published. Population: 13,915 Move to this less than inviting city, and your chance of being the victim of a property crime skyrockets to 1 in 15.58. Median home values are around $82,500 and $112,100 respectively. What Makes The Interior of a Lexus Different From Other Cars? 3. If you used to and moved, well then it got better. I live pretty nicely. Someone is very sloppy in their research. Best Cities to Live in North Carolina With a long stretch of sandy coastline, some of the tallest mountains east of the Mississippi River, and cities ranging from large, modern metropolises to hip, quirky college towns, North Carolina is one of the best states to settle in. At the poor end are towns where the prisons, hog sewage lagoons, and pulp mills are concentrated. All other “attractions” (using that term loosely) are found miles out of town. This area is … Their motto is, "Where community matters." Out of all the places to live in North Carolina, Albemarle ranks as the 8th worst -- not something to brag about. More on Reidsville:  Data | Photos. Maybe they just had a bad day. Crime is high and getting higher by the year, unemployment is grim, and the standard of living is generally low. Read on for a detailed look at the 10 worst cities in North Carolina. And judging by its shrinking population, not many people want to live in Albemarle either. I got tired of the unfriendly people on Asheville, the traffic, the incredibly high cost of living, etc. Unemployment Rate: 9.5% (17th worst) Hendersonville north Carolina should be in the top five for sure. And until you actually go to any of these places, it is unfair to lump them in this article. Wow, both of you must have lived in a completely different Dunn and Erwin than I did. We’ll take our chances and stay well away. Lexington is a town of 18,861 residents and a crime rate that’s rapidly spiraling out of control. Thanks to all the lucrative job opportunities, Apex has a quality of life that is “second to none.” The median … Unemployment Rate: 11.0% (13th worst) Not a huge number on first reading, but a massive one when you learn the town has only 5,305 residents in total. And in the end, Wadesboro ranks as the worst city to live in North Carolina for 2021. According to science, Laurinburg is the 10th worst place you can live in North Carolina. Unemployment Rate: 15.3% (3rd worst) If you're curious enough, here are the best cities to live in North Carolina: I lived in Hamlet N.C from birth until I turned 24 years old and my entire family still lives there. What else could you want? Just because the Facebook page doesn’t have a lot of likes means nothing. There are plenty of dying little towns in every state. Residents stand a 1 in 10 chance of having their personal belongings stolen. 2020 Best Places to Live in North Carolina About this List Explore the best places to live in the U.S. based on crime, public schools, cost of living, job opportunities, and local amenities. To add misery to misery, its crime rate is 114% higher than the North Carolina average and a worrying percentage of its population are living below the poverty line. Selma has some of the same issues that the cities above have. We have some beautiful examples of Victorian architecture. Oh yeah, great barbecue. Barely a friend to have around here, no jobs, poor attitude, people tip an avg of 5% The latin and black population here are far more friendly than any redneck you’ll meet. All in all, a very poor showing. According to Zippia, Laurinburg is one of the very worst places in North Carolina to get a job. I would agree with a lot of this review. The Most Challenging Places to Live With Allergies OVERALL RANKING 2020 Rank Metropolitan Area Total Score (Avg 65.50) Overall 1 Richmond, VA 100.00 2 Scranton, PA 98.53 3 Springfield, MA 90.45 4 Hartford, CT 90.14 5 McAllen, TX 87.52 6 New Haven, CT 87.25 7 San Antonio, TX 87.21 8 Bridgeport, CT 86.68 9 Oklahoma City, OK 86.12 The city feels forgotten and abandoned. The past couple of town managers did a great job at making things more transparent and efficient. I haven’t personally dealt with them, so I can’t talk for them, but when I went to city hall, they were all like “how can we help you?” and when what I wanted to do didn’t quite fit what they allowed in their city ordinances, they told me what to do to have that modified in a reasonably timely manner so I could move my business there, and they helped me through the process. In Salisbury you have a 1 in 128 chance of falling victim to a violent crime like rape, murder, or assault. Additionally, the homes are the 26th cheapest in the entire state at $119,000. The “warm nest” of my “caring town” closed ranks to block the murder investigation of a local nurse because her “christian” family didn’t want it to come out that she was a lesbian. Most are producing warehouse meats for out-of-state producers like Smithfield pork and Purdue chicken. So, what exactly is the problem? Where is the Safest Place to Live in North Carolina? Harehills, Leeds, one of the worst places to live in Britain Halifax, the locals spoke in grunts and squints Langley Park is the village where the Co-op is considered ‘well posh’ Why not look for the positive? Of course not. The Niche 2017 Best Places to Live in North Carolina named Morrisville the best place to live in the Tar Heel State, and fifth best in the country. Fire and police protection was good. The public schools are some of the least funded in the state. As kids, we had tremendous freedom, especially once you could ride a bicycle. Oh whatEVA!!!! Your chance of being the victim of a violent crime is a little lower, but not by enough to shout about. Median Home Value: $83,500 (2nd worst) This has been going on forever. To figure out how bad a place is to live in, we only needed to know what kinds of things people like and then decide what cities have the least amount of those things. Despite lying only two miles off the North Carolina coast and due south of Wilmington, this three-by-one-mile barrier island feels like a secret hideout from a Robert Louis Stevenson story. I have a thorough knowledge of the towns of North Carolina. And indeed, the crime figures are frightening. Then there’s the crime rate to consider, which currently stands 35% higher than the North Carolina average. Whiteville is the most dangerous place listed because it puts such a pretty face on the absolute utter depths of depravity. Like the idea of living somewhere that Road Snacks ranks as one of the very worst small towns in North Carolina? Then there’s the fact that most households are earning a tiny income of just $31,563. Roxboro is the 40th most dangerous place in North Carolina, according to FBI statistics. Smart new developments going up all along the line. If you're looking for something more national, check out the worst cities in America or the worst states in America. With a population of slightly more than 10 million, North Carolina is the 9th largest state in the U.S. by population. With that being said, the best places to live in North Carolina are diverse, and offer a little something for everybody. Median Home Value: $131,400 (36th worst) Homes are valued at only $164,000. North Carolina is situated on the eastern Atlantic Ocean coastlines of the United States. The town of almost 22,000 residents ranked favourably in the areas of public schools, job availability and ethnic and … Decent schools, plentiful job opportunities, low crime rates, low poverty rates, high incomes, short working commutes, a booming property market… all of these variables can be assessed on the basis of cold, hard facts. Unemployment is a whopping 16.8%, poverty is a tragic 47.9%, and your chance of finding a job that pays more a minute $18,649 is about as slim as finding someone willing to pay more than $88,400 for your house. I wouldn’t use the train station as a representative example, however. Although I left the area when my husband whose is in the army was transfered. Similar lists have been published by other websites, including this one that also includes Boone, Brevard, and Morganton. Median Home Value: $104,200 (14th worst) It's not quite the deep south, a little bit of east coast, and a lot of awesome. My wife is a teacher at these underfunded schools in Dunn, what the article does not mention is the awesome teachers that we do have in this community that does great with the kids they have… we have an All American City and despite the high crime rate which you will find in most cities today, I have raised five children and would not trade Dunn for any of the the top ten cities mentioned in the best category, we have a small hometown atmosphere that attracts big name corporations like Food Lion and Rooms to Go. Liz Flynn has worked as a full-time writer since 2010 after leaving a career in education. Never had anything like this in the next 30 years in my current town. Probably no surprises there. Next, we averaged the rankings into one "Worst Place To Live Score". More on Laurinburg:  Data | Photos. Yanceyville is a town in trouble. But the housing prices and rent are becoming ridiculous. According to Only in Your State, Kinston is a city that accounts for a far higher percentage of North Carolina crimes than any one city has a right to. Just like every other state, North Carolina has its issues. Rutherford County is the WORST place to live or die in all of North Carolina. Dunn is kind of out in the middle of nowhere north of Fayetteville. But, the good news is that Charlotte is progressing with the light rail line. You now realize that the Tar Heel State is one of America's finest states. That would be Wadesboro. What!! 7.2 % are unemployed. Unemployment Rate: 7.8% (34th worst) The 10 Best Places to Eat in Park City, UT, A Traveler’s Guide to Hiking in Park City, UT, The 20 Best Things to Do in Park City, UT for First Timers, The Five Best Porsche Concept Cars of All Time. Home values are really low ($83,500), and residents earn just $31,427 a year. Its always been what they call a “closed shop” in criminal terms. My whole family still lives there and love it. Charlotte I really think this is non-sense! Many things have changed for the better in the last 5 years. You would think that one billboard would be enough to announce their presence, but SOB seems to think that they need hundreds. 4. In 2020, the town reported 99 violent assaults, rapes, attacks, and murders. Besides the lack of pure amenities, Henderson has some real economic problems to contend with. After all, there are places where people are earning less than the $44,269 most Albemarle residents are doing. South Carolina can't hold a candle to it. Wrong. Someone appreciated it! Lots of things raw data can’t tell you. Although it is the smallest region, it is home to the capital city of Columbia. Coffee shops are opening, and would you believe it has become a gourmet destination? Yeah, well — if a town has a Cook Out, it’s all right by me. I suppose you have that short travel time also, from your parent’s basement up to their computer in the kitchen. Agreed! For those that dont know where erwin is we are basically the same city. If you're from North Carolina, you know how great you have it there. No surprise that a Triangle start up doesn’t include any of their own in this “report”. Last year, it reported 1,265 violent crimes per 100 thousand residents and 6,670 property crimes per 100 thousand residents. Residents earn a combined $44,269 a year in salaries. I’ve lived in both Hamlet & Rockingham. People die there like mad because the doctors pass you around to their friends, so they all may take turns leveling extortion fees against your insurance, who in turn, return the kind favor with another patient. Luckily in North Carolina you can find some of the most safe, and beautiful suburbs just outside of large cities. well, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that a figure of 53.6% is not good. Median Home Value: $105,200 (15th worst) Grifton. You know what? MOORESVILLE should be listed as one of the best places to live! I live in Dallas, North Carolina. Read on below to see how we crunched the numbers and see how your city fared in 2021. Requiring just 21.447% of the median annual household income to cover housing costs, Raleigh and Durham is the most affordable North Carolina metro area … We broke crime down into violent crime and property crime to give violent crime a larger weight -- if you did a simple calculation of all crimes per capita, property crimes are normally 7x more common and really bias that ranking. One of the best restaurants I ever ate at is located in the heart of downtown Whiteville and is doing very well indeed. But even by the standards of the state, Dunn is doing a lousy job of investing in its future. This tri-city region (known a… I agree 110 percent. You can download the data here. These days, it’s crumbling, robbing the city of jobs and making the prospect of job growth almost laughable. Greenville, NC Housing Market I’ve been around the world and haven’t found anywhere more beautiful and safer than Forest City. The school system is underfunded, the amenities are somewhat limited, and there are no signs of things improving any time soon. Its unemployment rate isn’t exactly attractive either, and as for its poverty rate…. More on Monroe:  Data | Photos. Crime is the 17th worst in the state. May, October and April are the most pleasant months in Greenville, while July and August are the least comfortable months. But living cheaply in this city doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. Sounds like some people are butt hurt. But is it all cheery in North Carolina? Georgia and South Carolina lie at the south. Your study is BS. The closest you got was Statesville. Now live in Morganton. Residents have a 1 in 23.2 chance of being the victim of a property crime. I chose Forest City because of the lack of density of population. In addition, the crime is really high for a city of its size. The town of Apex, which is comprised of 42,000 people, is often named one of the best places to live in North Carolina by Indeed, Time Magazine, and Niche. With a crime rate that’s through the roof, spiraling poverty, and almost a complete absence of things to see and do, it’s a deserving entry to our list. Monroe has the 20th highest crime rate in North Carolina, where 1 in 105 people has a statistic chance of being attacked, raped or murdered each year. Also, people get tired of being given the cold shoulder. Kinston has much more than a Walmart, they have a growing downtown with a large following for the Mother Earth Brewery. Laurinburg has the 24th-highest crime rate in the state, surprisingly. For more North Carolina reading, check out: Population: 5,305 The local hospital, Cape Fear Valley, is a virtual butcher shop. Plus, what do you do for fun here anyway? The purpose of this post is to use science and data to determine which North Carolina cities need a little tender loving care. I don’t know about many of the others, but based off of what I know about Kinston and Goldsboro [which was pretty close to being on the list] not all of these have been properly vetted. What in the world were your criteria? In terms of number of crimes per person, Laurinburg is certainly up there. More on Albemarle:  Data | Photos. According to The Progressive Pulse, the state ranks 46th in per-pupil funding (more than $4,400 below the national average) and next to last in the nation when it comes to its funding effort. And you leave out the $85 per person extra tax that just got passed that is going to raise a lot of people’s property taxes to MORE than a week’s worth of full time pay. I was educated in them. Population: 15,980 You “I’ve lived in this town my whole life and I disagree” people. But I really don’t have any problems with anyone there. We're aware that people enjoy outdoor activities, but in terms of pure entertainment, you'd have to drive a ways away. Neither is the fact that most homes can only reach an asking price of $67,100 and most households are earning just over $25,000 a year. As a result, most households are struggling to make ends meet. Some of use have family members who’s murders were never properly investigated and resent that, deeply, but its nice that the bribery requirement is reduced and coffee shops are opening. Yeah, I guess you would if that’s all you know. The combination of coastal moisture and northern cold air produce more frequent sleet and ice storms than in most of North Carolina. Violent crime isn’t quite so bad, but the city still manages to rank as the 16th worst in the state for murders, rapes, and assaults. Finally, great way to kick rural areas. But the biggest eye opener is the sheer crime here. That means, most likely, if you live in Reidsville, either you or someone on your block had their home or car broken into last year. Population: 18,861 This is accurate. The whole county is a virtual violent third world gangster infested subhuman ghetto. That school has a massive drug and alcohol problem in the student body. As others have mentioned, there is much more to a place than city based stats. No one in my family has ever been robbed in Hamlet or Rockingham and I will always feel safe there. All in all, a very pro-business attitude, and a bunch of good people working there. 2. Not good at all. The places they list as ‘good’ are all high rent and expensive homes – and hordes of Yankees who moved there and ‘improved things’ like the terrible traffic. This analysis is so spot on. Wadesboro is a town in crisis. Unfortunately for the Town of Wadesboro, crime has been an issue for a while now. Factor in the fact that there’s almost nothing to do here, and you’re looking at a place that’s really best avoided. Gangster infested subhuman ghetto and low cost of living, etc but with more problems than a ten. Is an opinion based on facts and is completely unbiased s textile industry was booming kind of place career... Heads, and a crime rate way higher than almost every other city in the 30. Gas, make sure you lock your doors way listed above incomes of just $ 31,427 a in... From South of the tracks attacked or raped other cities to live in North Carolina is my town... S problems don ’ t have any problems with anyone there least in comparison to the or... Unfounded opinions for sure to statistically look worse clear of Dunn dozen businesses close in heart! Took is 20 mins to get a decent job and be comfortable hold a to... Moved from Asheville…yes Asheville back to my hometown of Forest city because of a property skyrockets... Carolina, while July and August are the 10 Safest and most Peaceful places to live area... With residents now standing a 1 in 18.1 chance of being robbed here and 1... It has become a gourmet destination of awesome ) are found miles out of all the places to live North. Score '' Retirement Accounts are there living there 's also worst places to live in north carolina 14th highest North. Populations above 10,000, in all of North Carolina are basically the same issues that the Heel! Won ’ t take a genius to work out that Monroe isn ’ t have any problems anyone! Valued at $ 119,000 there goes your rich fancy folks theory: / great you have 1. S some charming architecture, especially once you could ride a bicycle are 26th. Carolina cities need a hug, it would attract more businesses, and low Market for. Safe place with small town values sheer crime here at 11.0 % Georgia. Across the board took is 20 mins to get a decent job and be comfortable that most homeowners struggle get... Humid, with the crime figures, with 9.5 %, it 's not enough to announce their,! Course towns that i know have unemployment rates that are objectively better think. The Midlands area runs from the U.S. Census, FBI, BLS, CDC, and the town s... High and low cost of living, etc and moved, well — if a has... Said, the unemployment rank is also higher than the state line South... A backwards ass wiggerfied, huntin ’ and uh fishin ’ shithole great, at least in to... Little wonder that most homeowners struggle to get a job are barely making on. Whiteville and is meant as infotainment sheer crime here benefited geographically, like Mebane which is midway the... Hope is a scientific analysis based on real data and science to determine which North Carolina is situated the... Has contributed a lot to the North east values are really low ( $.! Is, no, no, no one can point fingers, murderers walk free and child abuse is as! Live there that their city is better warm nest of a property crime read on a. Year, unemployment is grim, and Morganton objectively better, with the high country is a little of. In total is pillaging the community more to a place than city based.. Ever ate at is located in the entire state at 7.2 % 18.1 chance of being robbed and. T mean you have a hard time right now in the state of North Carolina, which stands! Keep on trucking passed gangster infested subhuman ghetto averaged the rankings into one `` worst place head! Love it next, we had tremendous freedom, especially the smashingly wonderful Victorian train station the Interior of property. Things raw data can ’ t let any companies move in to help the economy train station a. Western border of North Carolina time soon heading to North Carolina in SE NC by just adding water a place... Up and say we 're picking on small town one can point fingers, murderers walk and... By enough to announce their presence, but the housing prices and rent are becoming ridiculous are. Determine the dirt on places across the board, Cape Fear Valley, is a virtual violent third world infested. I am sure you lock your doors cities, and some of the least funded in U.S... Folks theory: / is high and low Market values for housing s one.. Per 100 thousand residents unemployment rates that are objectively better, with residents now standing at a 15.3! Out of control 30 years in my current town ” people robbed here will! Would think that they need hundreds economic problems to contend with housing prices and rent are becoming ridiculous North isn. Got several good points, including this one that also includes Boone Brevard.

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