Christina Marie Langford Johnson, 29, was fatally shot in the chest when she jumped out of her Chevy Suburban and waved at the shooters to try to get them to stop. 162,621, This story has been shared 140,323 times. Since coming to power last year, Mexican president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s security strategy has been to emphasize “hugs not bullets” to combat drug-related violence in the country. close. “It was lamentable, painful because children died, but do we want to resolve the problem … by declaring war?” said Lopez Obrador last week in response to the Mormon massacre. 5:41am, Nov 6, 2019 Updated: 12:59pm, Nov 6. An independent Mormon community in Chihuahua, Mexico, mourned the loss of nine of its members on the one-year anniversary of their murders. Published. By. The Mexican Cartels vs. a Mormon Sect: Behind the Horrific Massacre of American Moms and Children . The community is fundamentalist but has no leader and is not affiliated with the Church of Latter Day Saints in Utah. Do Not Sell My Personal Information. [3][20] The first vehicle reportedly left carrying Rhonita Miller and her four children close to 10 AM in the morning. 8 November 2019. The victims of the attack were identified as:[30], Of the eight other vehicle passengers all were children of which five were wounded and three were physically unharmed. MATANZA “It couldn’t have been a mistake,” said a … Mendoza said that the attackers even allowed some of the surviving children to go, indicating that “it was not a targeted attack.”. The memorial ceremony took place Wednesday in the town of Galeana, even as the Mexican government announced the arrest of yet another member of La Linea drug cartel allegedly linked to the Nov. 4, 2019 massacre of … Devin Langford, pictured with his father David, has spoken for the first time about last week's massacre Harriet Alexander , New York 11 November 2019 • 6:13pm We have to go back. © 2021 NYP Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved, Gangster busted in Mexican cartel massacre of Mormon moms and kids, Mexican security chief arrested in connection to Mormon family massacre, Defiant patriarch wants to start militias to fight Mexican cartels after Mormon family massacre, Mexican authorities arrest three in massacre of Mormon family, Biden put on a show of 'unity' — will he stick to it? Copy link. 5:41am, Nov 6, 2019 Updated: 12:59pm, Nov 6. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Colonia LeBaron was founded in 1924. The massacre has come on the heels of other violent confrontations between traffickers in Mexico, which has already recorded more than 32,000 homicides since December. [17]), In a pair of attacks, gunmen opened fire on three SUVs, first upon a Chevrolet Tahoe and subsequently two Chevy Suburbans, that were carrying American Mexican independent fundamentalist Mormons[18][1] of the extended LeBarón family,[19] en route to a wedding in Le Barón, Galeana, Chihuahua, from their hometown of La Mora, Bavispe, Sonora, about 70 miles (110 km) south of the Mexico–United States border. "[37], In December 2019, the Mexican federal government consolidated what had been Sonoran and federal cases into exclusively federal prosecutions,[38] with several suspects being arrested on 1 December 2019 with regard to the crimes[39] and director of public safety in Janos, Chihuahua Fidel Alejandro Villegas Villegas's arrest by the Mexican Attorney General’s Office on December 24 for Villegas's allegedly providing protection for criminal activities by such as La Linea as for colluding in the massacre. “These are not isolated incidents,” said Julian LeBaron, in a 2010 opinion piece in a Dallas newspaper. [21] Relatives stated that the girl had taken the wrong road and was tracked by her footprints, when she was found she told them, "We have to go back. About sharing. "[40][41], A man identified as "Alfredo 'L'" and a "likely participant in the events that occurred on November 4, 2019," was detained in Ciudad Juárez on November 4, 2020 and subsequently arrested on homicide charges by Mexican authorities. Share page. Devin Langford, pictured with his father David, has spoken for the first time about last week's massacre Harriet Alexander , New York 11 November 2019 • 6:13pm This story has been shared 140,138 times. Sitemap Mexico President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Thursday inaugurated a monument in honor of nine Mormon women and children killed in a massacre last year in the country's north. Shown to two relatives of the victims, one of them, Adam Langford, said it showed a dozen or so men presumed as members of the Chihuahua cartel "all in black[...]with assault rifles going toward the vehicles, toward their prey[...]. The five wounded children were flown to an Arizona hospital and three uninjured children were placed in the care of other family members. Mormons began settling in the region after 1890 when the US government began to put restrictions on polygamy. THE 18 family members involved in a brutal drug cartel massacre had ties to a notorious sex-cult and a polygamous murderer “Mormon Manson”, it has been revealed. News World Gunmen massacre nine Mormon family members driving through Mexico. U.S. President Donald Trump offered Mexico military support to assist with defeating the drug cartels. They have a monopoly on security, and they get paid a wage for protection, and later we find out that they participate in the murder of women and children. Nine women and children from a Mormon community in Mexico were killed while traveling near the US-Mexico border on Monday, according to Mexico's security minister. Burn it! [25][26][27][28] Prior to leaving, he covered his six surviving siblings in branches after hiding them in bushes. "[35], On 19 November Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said, referencing Mexico's history of systemic corruption, "We're not protecting anyone." “Throughout our nation, countless people have lost their lives or their security in a similar manner, while politics of confusion and volumes of magic words appear to have more sway than reality.”. The Mountain Meadows Massacre: The Mass Murder Mormons Blamed On Native Americans. Many of the nine women and children killed on a remote stretch of highway in northern Mexico Monday were shot at point-blank range — victims of a targeted assassination that Mexican authorities refuse to allow their American counterparts to investigate, according to high-ranking Mexican and US law enforcement sources. ‘The Mandalorian’ vs. ‘The Boys’ vs. ‘Star Trek: Picard’ vs. ‘Tiger King’: What Was The Biggest Streaming Show of 2020? [21], The gunman reportedly killed Christina Langford Johnson after she jumped out of her vehicle and waved her hands to display she wasn't a threat. November 9, 2019 11:56 AM EST Three mothers and six children — all U.S. citizens — were killed in northern Mexico on Nov. 4 when their vehicles were ambushed in the close-knit Mormon … Here's what we know about them and why they first decided to live south of the US border. 8 November 2019. 140,323, This story has been shared 140,138 times. Privacy Notice [16] Transpiring immediately preceding the massacre was a shootout between Los Salazar and rival drug-route enforcers La Línea, said to have been formed originally by municipal peace officers from Ciudad Juárez, who are dominant in Chihuahua and were an outgrowth of the Juárez Cartel, and which has been warring with Sinaloa over control of the smuggling routes toward San Diego. The brave mother was buried on Saturday, her plain pine casket surrounded by members of the Mormon communities and relatives of the extended Le Baron family. Your Ad Choices And they should have confidence. Your California Privacy Rights The nine Americans killed in Mexico were Mormons who belonged to the LeBaron family. In 1857, when the Mountain Meadows massacre occurred, Utah and the United States were on the brink of war.Utah had only been an American territory for seven years. Nine members of Mormon family, dual U.S.-Mexican citizens, killed in attack in northern Mexico; Trump offers support ... November 5, 2019 at 11:18 p.m. UTC. This story has been shared 140,323 times. The Mexican federal official close to the investigation told The Post that the sicarios “shot some of the victims at point-blank range” and that local authorities were still gathering evidence at the scene in Sonora state, some 70 miles from the Arizona border, where the massacre occurred. Here is what it should be", "FBI Arrives In Sonora To Assist In La Mora Murder Investigation", "Mexican President: La Mora Massacre Investigation Receiving 'Special Attention, "Video of killings of U.S. citizens in Mexico shows gunmen poised to torch SUV, says relative", Mexican officials detain suspects in massacre of members of Mormon sect,, "Mexico ambush: Arrest over Mormon massacre", "This is the time for Mexico, with the help of the United States, to wage WAR on the drug cartels and wipe them off the face of the earth. About two-dozen FBI agents' arrived in La Mora, an FBI statement's describing the agency's aim as working "alongside our international partners to help bring justice to the perpetrators of this heinous act of violence. All the victims were from rancho La Mora, Sonora, containing 30 to 40 homes on about a thousand acres, and with a full-time population of about 150 people. Mendoza said that the two criminal groups had clashed a day before the massacre in the same region. The memorial ceremony took place Wednesday in the town of Galeana, even as the Mexican government announced the arrest of yet another member of La Linea drug cartel allegedly linked to the Nov. 4, 2019 massacre of the nine American citizens. The chief of police in a northern Mexico municipality has been arrested in connection to the mass murder of nine members of two Mormon families in Sonora last month, The Daily Beast reports.

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