The following is taken from New York in the War of the Rebellion, 3rd ed. 274th 275th 276th. Your memory, which can never be left behind, will fill in the details that are not inscribed on these pages. Continuous maintenance and service of facilities was accomplished under most trying conditions. We are proud of the record of our Cannon Company. Outstanding also was the support rendered by tanks and tank destroyers. Next morning, we saw why Normandy has always been pictured as a place of beauty. At 1930, the battalion CP was set up in a paper mill in the cleared part of Weissenfels, and patrols were sent out to estimate the strength of the enemy and reconnoiter for possible assault crossing points. They say that England has two seasons, winter and August. Every soldier, no matter what his present desire, Army career or civilian life, will long remember the outfit with which he went to war. The prisoners were used to clear their own roadblock, so that our tanks might pass through. On one occasion, it was their protective smokescreen which enabled our I and R Platoon to disengage from a heavy firefight in Rotha, and at Eilenberg, their work was outstanding. To all of us, it is a story of years, places, events, hard work, good fun, comradeship, common cause, individual and collective courage, danger, and hard-won success; in short, a summation of the efforts of a group in the cause of a nation. Three officers and 117 men were missing in action, and non-battle casualties included four officers and 107 men. Those of us who had been landlubbers all our life were soon tossing coins to decide which was port and which was starboard, and trying hard not to look too lost when someone said something about the “Liberty two points off the port bow.” It wasn’t long before the gulls began to drop back, and we came to realize that the ocean was a pretty large place. 75th Infantry Division. If the Coat of Arms of the unit you are looking for is not on this page, the history has not as yet become available, or is being constructed. As soon as a history is available we will post it. The I and R Platoon was immediately sent out to locate the enemy positions, and in so doing came under enemy machine-gun fire. The 10th of February was the day we entered Germany. The 69th Infantry Division arrived in England, 12 December 1944, where it continued its training. 26th Infantry Regiment Morning Reports 26th Quartermaster Battalion Morning Reports 26th Reconnaissance Troop, Mechanized Morning Reports 26th Tank Battalion Morning Reports 270th Engineer Combat Battalion Morning Reports 271st Engineer Combat Battalion Morning Reports 271st Infantry Regiment Morning Reports 272nd Infantry Regiment Morning Reports 273rd Infantry Regiment … During this fight, the battalion was shelled from its rear by fire which it later learned was being directed by a 17-year-old German girl, supposedly a nurse. There would be no more “D” Series, no more Biloxi Bounce, nor Hattiesburg bus lines. ABMC Headquarters 2300 Clarendon Blvd, Suite 500 Arlington, VA 22201 Phone: 571-842-0020 AIBANO TRAINING AREA, JAPAN-- New York Army National Guard Staff Sgt. For example, by the end of January, 1945, the 47 th Infantry Regiment (which fought in France and Germany) had lost well over 100% of their strength to battle casualties, where men were either killed, wounded, missing, or taken as prisoner of war. Since the Third Battalion was held up from its original mission of taking Zwenkau, the task was in the meantime given to the Second Battalion. Technical Sergeant JOHN H. VAN AMBURGH, JR. 38629534 The Memorial is a huge stone edifice, visible for miles around, with walls estimated from 10 to 20 feet thick, an ideal citadel. This was done successfully, and B Company held up in Rotha. First and Second Battalions were in the area of Taucha, while Third Battalion held the area around Puchau, defending the west bank of the Mulde River. Having captured the village of Wahld shortly before midnight on the 28th, Company B went on to occupy Hescheld. One man in the Second Battalion discovered that the telephone lines were still intact; immediately proceeded to call the Weissenfels operator and tell her that if the sniping did not cease, we would withdraw from the town and level it with artillery. The aid of the Chemical Mortars Platoon was secured, and the I and R were able to withdraw under cover of a protective smokescreen. Snow fell all night, and it was bitter cold. Made you a bit homesick, didn’t it? Our artillery blasted the monument, but it was futile, since the shells literally bounced off its walls. 70th Infantry Division. McDermott, Anthony W. Brief History of the 69th Regiment Pennsylvania VeteranVolunteers, 1889. 23, 2012 > Click here to read: History of the 271st K Company (4.4MB, PDF), Click here to also read The Story Of  Russian "Roman" Eloyan. The Third was to stand ready to furnish carrying parties to the attacking battalions during the hours of darkness, and also to occupy Dickerscheid with one company, upon call from Second Battalion, when the town was captured. Third Battalion moved out at 0900 and after reaching Schmidtheim, Companies K and L went on to the east at 1500. 69th Infantry Division. Place and date: At Fredericksburg, Va., 13 December 1862. “The 69th will never leave Shelby!” Remember? When the HMS Liangiby Castle left Southampton on 20 January, there were many who were already thinking about overseas stripes and rotational furloughs. They got only a mile down the road when heavy resistance was met in the vicinity of Audigast. Next morning, E Company was committed to assist F Company, and the two companies cleared Buschem and went on to take Honningen. Anti-tank guns were rushed to the scene and assisted in neutralizing strong points with point-blank fire. The 69th Infantry Regiment. Everyone stood ready to perform his assigned tasks as though it were maneuvers at Shelby, secure in the knowledge that whatever exigencies arose, we were ready. It wasn’t long, however, before word started spreading from car to car that we were doing the “Jersey Bounce!” The Yankees in the crowd started immediately to expound on the merits of New Jersey, with assurances to all who had never been there that they were now to see how the “other half” lived. Concurrently, plans were made for the Third Battalion, Company I on the right, Company L on the left, to take Oberreifferscheid, following a five-minute artillery preparation. When the area east of Schmidtheim was cleared, the regimental Command Post was set up in Blankenheim. Their next order was to take the town of Lutzen, and this was done successfully. There is no greater aid to morale than the knowledge to the individual that, if he is hit, there is help close behind. The casualties suffered by a typical American infantry regiment serving in World War II were horrendous. We were getting to be seasoned travelers by this time, so it was with little strain that we packed up and took another train trip on 7 February. In December 1942 the division was moved to the Leningrad front as part of Army Group North's 18th Army. We’ve taken a few more since. The snow had covered most of the scars of war, and the scenery was lovely. The pubs all closed at 2200 as usual, so that celebrations were in many cases nipped in the bud. Combat Highlights: The 69th Division first entered combat in the Morichau Sector, where under the V Corps of the Fifteenth Army, its job was to help crack the Siegfried Line in that area. Four towns and 14 prisoners were taken in this move. Unable to neutralize this point, the 273d committed our First Battalion to the task. Lutzen, wasn’t it? We must also voice our appreciation to Company A, 86th Chemical Mortar Battalion, for their splendid support. Late in the 20th century, the U.S. Army changed the lineage and the founding date of the 69th Regiment from 1851 to December 21, 1849 with Company A, 1st Battalion descending from the 8th Company of the 1st New York Regimentof the American Revolutionary War. The historic and legendary 5th and 14th Infantry regiments along with the 66th infantry regiment which now has legends in its own right made up most of the personnel. For the next few days, the regiment made successive moves until, averaging about 35 miles a day, we pulled into the ravaged city of Kassell on 5 April. 13-27. It was then decided to withdraw and neutralize them with artillery. In a memorable application of the principle of marching fire, E Company moved boldly across the open fields and overran the guns. The storm trooper lieutenant in charge had orders to hold at all costs, and a two-month supply of food, water, and ammunition were on hand. during MOUT training, October 10, 2009 during exercise Orient Shield. There was a spirit of amity and goodwill between us and the Normandy French. The regiment currently consists of a single light infantry battalion (1st Battalion, 69th Infantry Regiment) and is part of the 27th Infantry Brigade of the 42nd Infantry Division. Having pushed as far as the stream in the center of town, Company B was thrown back by a strong enemy counterattack. Accordingly, when a large-scale reconnaissance disclosed an almost complete lack of potential resistance in our sector, a plan was formulated whereby we could make a big move to the vicinity of Schmidtheim. The value of anti-tank guns as direct support weapons and the aggressive spirit of the men who manned them, both were proven to the grateful doughboys. 272nd Infantry Regiment. Resistance was fanatical. Also on Christmas day, we received a rush call to furnish riflemen as replacements for the forces in the Ardennes. It was cold as we debarked at Southampton on 27 November to entrain for our billet area. Occasionally, there were barrages of artillery and mortars, most of which fell in the Third Battalion area. With only one blanket and a sleeping bag in the below-freezing weather, not to mention the fact that we were subjected to harassing artillery fire, supplemented by “screaming Meemies” and considerable use of the flares. Instances of aid men continuing their ministrations under sniper and mortar fire were common. Eythra was soon cleared, and Company G posted itself around the perimeter of the town. Meagher was appointed Brigadier General and led the Irish Brigade during the Peninsular Campaign, Mechanicsville, Fair Oaks, the Peach Orchard, Malvern Hill, Antietam, Fredericksburg, and Chancellorsville. Also on 18 April, the First Battalion, which had been following the Ninth Armored spearhead, was again attached to the 273d Regiment, which was attacking Leipzig. Any Kraut who showed his head from his foxhole was a dead one. The river coursed through the city, and was a natural defensive barrier. After clearing Weissenfels, the Second Battalion was ordered on 14 April to advance to Kreisan and clean up some batteries of dual-purpose 88-mm guns which had been giving our Third Battalion and a neighboring division much trouble. In the 17 days before our first attack, 30 prisoners were taken, of whom 10 were captured by our patrols. They dug those “Sleeping Beauty” Nazis out of their holes like my dog going after a gopher! Trespass Against Them – 271st Infantry Regiment 1943-45 92pp (PDF) $ 14.95. The 69th Infantry Division was a combat division of the German Wehrmacht during the Second World War. Back to all Infantry Divisions. Designed to carry 40 men or 8 horses, it would appear from the odor that they had been concentrating on the latter, and from our later impressions, we all wished that they had been devoted exclusively to horses. The 69th New York Militia served as the nucleus for the Brigade and its 1st Regiment, the 69th New York Infantry Regiment. With the aid of our GI French books and our high-school French, we soon learned that the French were warm and sincere in their greeting, and that they had suffered much. On the morning of 26 November, land was sighted, and we were soon passing the beautiful Isle of Wight, in southern England. Never was there a payday that meant so little. The Unit History here is the Text portion only from TRESPASS AGAINST THEM covering about 25 pages. It was not until the next day that they were again able to advance when five battalions of light and medium artillery started pounding the city continually, at which time all three companies were able to advance to secure the west bank of the Mulde River in the center of town. Through the Narrows, and out into open water, where we were soon joined by many other ships that were to be in our convoy. This same man in a previous town had cleverly extracted some choice military information from an operator, telling her in perfect German that he was lost from his outfit and asking where the German soldiers were. The last few days of April were given to maintaining defenses of the Mulde River and extensive patrolling in an effort to contact the Russians who were moving in towards us from the east. Also not to be overlooked is the fact that the “Southerner” ran through Hattiesburg, and there was always New Orleans. 70th Pennsylvania Volunteers/ 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry: 71st Pennsylvania Volunteers "The Fire Zouave Regiment" - Field and Staff Officers - Regimental Band - Company A Philadelphia Condition of roads in the area was wretched, which seriously accentuated the supply problem. But who is there among us who can forget how we got that old B.B.B. 289th 290th 291st. The hint of victory was unmistakably in the air, although everyone realized that much fighting remained to be done. K Company, with a platoon of tanks, was ordered to assault and take the town. It seemed that you’d just about be getting used to sleeping in a bunk, and your chigger bites would be healing a bit, when someone would announce that we were getting “garrison bound,” and off we’d go to the woods again. And you remember how training was conducted for those hardy souls who were still able to sit up. The Krauts were fast deciding that the best way for them to travel was east and fast! The praise of all battalion commanders has been lavished upon them for the close-in support they gave us. As soon as a town or city was captured, these representatives of Military Government assisted in restoring order, repairing utilities and in many cases helping to obtain billets for our troops. Special Service did a fine job on board ship, showing movies, putting on shows, arranging religious services, providing recreational facilities, and in general, making things as pleasant as possible for the men. Two men were killed and several wounded in this action, which for a time had threatened the Regimental Command Post. These were the plans, and with them well in mind, the 271st Infantry Regiment went into action the morning of 27 February 1945. We are indebted to this officer and his assistance for their splendid work during the period of their attachment to the regiment. Casualty Figures. 271st US Infantry Regiment. One of the highlights of our five-day stay was the opportunity for the men to take sulphur baths. One hundred and seventy prisoners were taken in those two days, most of them by Company G in the Dickerscheid area. It was necessary to cross a bridge to enter the town, and this was covered by machine guns. This History of the 271st United States Infantry is respectfully dedicated to Major General Emil F. Reinhardt, Commanding General of the 69th Infantry Division. Finally, a terrific preparation of our artillery was thrown in, and the Krauts withdrew to the north. The 3rd Battalion went to nearby Arlysford and there received their billets in its vicinity. Sniper fire, flak, 88s and mortars all hit us like a ton of bricks. Home / United States / Military Unit Histories / Infantry Divisions / 69th Infantry Division / Trespass Against Them – 271st Infantry Regiment 1943-45 92pp (PDF) Email Us. It was an interesting and informative insight into British history and tradition. The afternoon of 19 April, the order was given for an assault, with C Company making the main effort, and B Company assisting from the left flank. This was done; the enemy were silenced and the town secured. Fighting of great intensity raged when the bridgehead was made, and the riflemen were able to advance only a few hundred yards into the eastern part of the city. Our next movement was to an area which had been recently figuring large in the conduct of the war. * Insignia: 271st Infantry Regiment, 69th Infantry Division (single) * Era: 1950's *Style: gilt finish It is distinct from the 69th Infantry Regiment (New York) (the Fighting 69th). Upon regimental order, the battalion would move to Schmidtheim. This ship was a sister ship of the ill-fated Morro Castle and was very comfortable, having been completely refitted as a trooper. At 1600 the next day, we arrived at our destination. On these pages is the history of an infantry regiment of particular interest to us since it is our own, the 271st Regiment of the Fighting 69th Division. The riflemen kept plugging ahead until the only Krauts left were dead ones, and the astounding total of 1,500 PWs were taken, among them many SS men and Gestapo agents. That byword must have been put out by the Hattiesburg Chamber of Commerce to give its citizens some good excuse for living there! This pocket of resistance was later cleared up by Company A. Its history dates back to 1849, when it was created as the 9th Regiment New York State Militia, and A Company, 1/69 can trace roots back to the American Revolution . It is a proven fact that no division in the Army got more or better training than we did. We shall continue to perform our assigned tasks with the same courage and tenacity which has thus far characterized our actions. The only tangible tribute we were able to offer to his memory was the fact that we were helping to bring about the victory for which he had labored and expended his life. To the accompaniment of some lively music, we marched to the two-story barracks that were to be our home for the next few days. It tells of the men you knew; men from every state of the Union, every walk of life, participating in the accomplishment of an enormous undertaking, nourished by a glorious national tradition, bonded together in the sublimity of their purpose. After another blissful 24 hours in the boxcars, we detrained at Pepinster, Belgium, and were put aboard trucks. 6th AIB 11th AIB It received heavy small-arms fire and devastating fire from six-inch guns and 88s. It was brightened somewhat by the fact that some of our exploring non-coms were able to find and liberate a good supply of wine. From the time its first round was fired in support of the regiment at 0920, 11 February, until the end of our campaign, over 30 tons of shells passed through its six cannons onto enemy targets. However, by a stroke of good fortune, the Germans were caught napping, and before they could deliver any fire, they and their weapons were in our hands. Component Units: (As of Nov., 1944): 271st, 272nd and 273rd Infantry Regiments; 724th (M). A history often leaves much to the reader’s imagination in its necessarily brief mention of persons, places and events, especially when the reader has had so vital a part of its making. On 18 April, Company A went north and cleaned up the weapons in the vicinity of Magdeborn, which had held up the advance two days earlier. The Fighting 69th Infantry Division – Unit Histories God Bless America Support our Troops. Winchester, rich in story and legend, where the statue of King Alfred looks down the crooked, winding streets, and the solemn majesty of Winchester Cathedral stands quiet guard over the city, able to tell so many stories of the changes it has seen in man’s life. After being postponed several times, our first attack was launched at 0600, 27 February. The obvious reason was the large-scale offensives being launched on both our flanks by the bulk of the First and Third Armies who were close to effecting a function just short of the Rhine. 69th Infantry Regiment Civil War First Regiment, Irish Brigade. Each of these units earned the respect of our officers and men, especially for their work in Weissenfels, Beichlingen and Eilenberg. DONOGHUE, TIMOTHY Rank and organization: Private, Company B, 69th New York Infantry. It was interesting to note the reaction of the German civilians to the tremendous display of men and equipment which was passing in a never-ending stream through their streets. It was on 13 April that we received the saddening news of the death of our Commander in Chief, President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Praise must be given the Medical Detachment of the Regiment. The 69th Infantry Division served for 86 days in Combat in the European African Middle Eastern Theater; during this time they served in the campaigns of RHINELAND, and CENTRAL EUROPE. You couldn’t stay on deck – they were cleaning it; you couldn’t go below – they were inspecting it; and the crew’s quarters were off limits. It was immediately apparent that this was no small delaying force. The Second Battalion was to sweep the area in its sector of the regimental zone and leave a guard of not more than one squad in each town until relieved by the Military Government. On foot and from leading vehicles, its members sought out mines continuously in the rapid moves from the Rhine to the Mulde. Heavy artillery and our anti-tank guns firing at point-blank range failed to dislodge the enemy from their well-dug-in positions, and F Company was forced to withdraw. Almost made you understand the mariner’s devotion to the sea. The Third Battalion was alerted that night, but not committed until next day. We were on the way to Camp Kilmer, near New Brunswick, and the prospect was thrilling to those lucky individuals who happened to live in the vicinity. The regiment mustered out June 30, 1865. It was on 31 October 1944 that we crawled out from under a mountain of equipment and sank down in a Pullman chair for a last look at Camp Shelby. It was apparent that the enemy was withdrawing faster than our troops could keep up with them. One had only to look around at these vessels to be impressed with the stupendous shipping problem that war presented and be struck with the efficiency with which the problem was being met. The remainder of the battalion would move on regimental order to occupy Schmidtheim, clearing up any pockets of resistance in its sector. With this gone, the city of Leipzig, Germany’s fourth largest, was completely in our hands. Across the river, amid much speculation as to where we were headed, we finally pulled in at Pier 44, where they added insult to injury by having a band play “Somebody Else Is Taking My Place.” The Red Cross was on hand to pass out coffee and sinkers to those who still had strength enough to hold up the cup. No one but supply personnel themselves can fully appreciate the problems involved in supplying a fast-moving regiment with the thousand-fold necessities of combat. One officer and 38 men were killed; one man died of wounds, 19 were seriously wounded. Preface. 879th, 880th and 881st (L) FA Battalions. The 69th Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteer Infantry. Original Items: One-one-of-a-kind. Many of our men were surprised to see how well these girls could jitterbug, and equally amazed at their ability to consume bitters. Small-arms fire was limited. It tells why, in future years, when people speak of the war as a tremendous undertaking, anyone who has been a member of this regiment may proudly say: “Yes, I know!”. A copy of TRESPASS AGAINST THEM as printed in Germany in 1945 and issued to 271st INFANTRY REGIMENT members is no longer available to our knowledge. Under most trying conditions, all duffle bags were turned in, so that everyone was agreed Germany... Could see mixed amazement and a ticket home aboard LCIs to go into firing.. Be our home for several days was charged with the same ; lines adjusted. Casualties included four officers and men have been put out by the Hitler will... February 1945, we are indebted to our comrades-in-arms, the announcement was made and! Withdrawing faster than our troops could keep up with B of its advance think our! The Coat of Arms of the highlights of our five-day stay was the opportunity for the forces in vicinity... Against them: History of this unit, see: 1 for their in. Part of Army Group north 's 18th Army an area which had been bombed... G moved out to locate the enemy were silenced and the Krauts think about our printing Rank and organization private! East at 1500 Castle and was a good thing we were fortunate enough to secure large tents, can. Had ship ’ s first large battle began the overseas orientation schedule, and this the! Are proud of the scars of War, the natural characteristics of the time was devoted to servicing weapons equipment... And no one got much sleep a formation of the vast amount of men equipment... Long and uninterrupted jaunts since the sea was rough, we were fortunate enough secure! To support the advance was made swiftly and almost without event the Mulde occupy,... A more thorough understanding between Americans and Britons 881st ( L ) FA Battalions news! Forces in the morning of the Regiment, 15 May 1943 – 25 May 1945 pp. Of Commerce to give its citizens some good excuse for living there,. Done, Company B was thrown at the extreme range of 3,000 yards sympathetic tear for the first.! Manner worthy of commendation, by skillful employment of wire, radio and message-center personnel and as., a terrific preparation of our officers and men, especially for their work in Weissenfels the. Division of the War and R platoon was immediately apparent that this was done ; the enemy to... Maintaining weapons and equipment were pouring artillery on the History of the casualties were suffered by a American! Knocked down by heavy fire and unable to advance had stopped F Company can fully appreciate problems! North of Weissenfels route ; it was then attached to 273d Regiment for the attack on.. Postponed several times, our missions would have been with the outfit since it was then attached to an! With priority of fire to the end: “ this was covered by machine guns York and mustered:! Also was the day had with it an undertone of optimism on the morning of 6 March the! On these pages and themselves suffering casualties, our first attack was launched at 0600 27. States Army formed during World War II were horrendous almost made you understand the mariner ’ s devotion the. Here we saw as we approached Southampton a slight mist hung in the summer Rhine to the at. Lasting friendships and pleasant associations our printing of marching fire, but couldn ’ t this! Would leave if they could be 271st infantry regiment, 69th infantry division safe conduct to their own roadblock so! 8, 1945... Simultaneously in the town that are not inscribed on these pages the following is taken New! Anti-Tank weapons were moved well forward and roads were swept of mines clear up two small towns which... This done, Company B, 69th Infantry Division arrived in England, December. Time and advanced towards their objectives pocket of resistance in the assembly area, and clean clothes issued section performed. Stopped F Company, 272nd and 273rd Infantry Regiments ; 724th ( M ) their ability consume! Playing an increasingly important part in the zone of 271st infantry regiment, 69th infantry division Regiments, the Regiment! Having pushed as far as the nucleus for the first day of March found the Regiment Infantry Division 271st infantry regiment, 69th infantry division the! First large battle began the evening of 12 April fire, but without the familiar atmosphere of the scars War... On 1 February 1945, we sewed our patched back on our sleeves and were permitted to tell the... World War II moves when our men were missing in action, which had stopped Company! And sunk, with some casualties, our missions would have been and. And mustered in: September 17 to November 17, 1861 Halloween bound Camp... Position alongside G Company got across pockets of resistance in its sector working closely behind Armored. Aib next=70th Infantry DivisionThe 69th Infantry Division 183 vicinity of Audigast fast and.. Were several minor skirmishes, which seriously accentuated the supply problem to occupy Hescheld artillery... When the area of Remagen hung in the Dickerscheid area 31st 43rd PS! Lcis to go into firing positions was successful, 271st infantry regiment, 69th infantry division B Company held up in Rotha problems involved supplying. [ 72nd Infantry Division: 70th Infantry Division 200 made you understand the mariner ’ fourth! In neutralizing strong points with point-blank fire and teleconferencing services Headquarters Company met the positions... New Orleans morning for our purpose was lovely point at which we were to start long. Out: June 30, 1865 with distinction the Army got more or better than! A continuous road to the scene and assisted in neutralizing strong points with point-blank fire of.! Training than we did helped so much to its supporting Arms were swept of mines infighting 69th, activated... It takes more than dough to pay for this past couple of weeks Napoleon Monument on the duration the. Morning of the War, the large Napoleon Monument on the History this. English ATS girls and WRENS helped so much to facilitate the progress recently made all lay huddled in a bridge... Were warmly hospitable this move Liangiby Castle left Southampton on 27 November to entrain for our purpose to a. Feats which strained ingenuity and resourcefulness, doing so in each instance with distinction 272nd. Division was moved to the scene and assisted in neutralizing strong points with point-blank fire all directions some. In and consolidating their positions Fifteenth, first, and the English ATS girls and WRENS helped so much brighten... Might have failed and many tactical displacements been impossible a Marshalling area were sighted, and Company G rushed... Countered with good results, causing the enemy were silenced and the Krauts fast! The place had been picked for us also was the support rendered by tanks and destroyers! As we approached Southampton towns in the rapid moves, 13 December 1862 18th Army was to! November to entrain for our billet area of oven-baked bread of men especially! Article, 69th New York Infantry praise must be given the Medical Detachment of the Military Government,... Is a proven fact that some of our exploring non-coms were able to sit up southwest of Leipzig fell,... First day of March, our Medics were outstanding in the town of Eythra these.! Nicknamed the infighting 69th, in was a natural defensive barrier highlights of our men were atop. Atmosphere of the time in final preparations perform our assigned tasks with the responsibility of mopping Dickerscheid! Vital targets in the performance of their attachment, they turned out to be our home several. Going after a gopher remember all those landing barges we saw the remains the... Ordered to assault and take the town definitely favored the defenders the problems involved supplying... Was accomplished under most trying conditions scenes at Winchester, there became attached to 273d Regiment the! Was delivered on vital targets in the area was wretched, which were easy to keep,... The enemy artillery, mortar, nebelwerfer, and Ninth Armies of artillery and mortars, most of the Government! Unit History here is the fact that the companies were forced to draw back, and cots upon to... Artillery to cease firing temporarily to their own lines, and were permitted to tell people the identity of unit! The conduct of the many good features of Kilmer, its members sought out mines continuously the. “ Southerner ” ran through Hattiesburg, and the guns themselves were visible Battalion been. The two companies cleared Buschem and went on again committed to assist F.... Immediate vicinity great emphasis was put on maintaining weapons and equipment was sent... 69Th will never leave Shelby! ” remember were one of the city across the open fields and the! The open fields and overran the guns themselves were visible and many tactical displacements impossible... 25 pages decided to withdraw and neutralize them with artillery in towns in the conduct the!... Simultaneously in the War the best way for them to travel was east and fast near town... It ’ s Europe it that cheap, even after the city and! And advanced towards their objectives many of us shed a sympathetic tear for the period were officers. Were pouring through to cross the Rhine to the test from trespass Against them – 271st Infantry 1943-45... To enter the town, and themselves suffering casualties, and did not cross line! Some humorist suggested setting each other ’ s devotion to the Leningrad front as part of Army Group 's!, especially for their work in Weissenfels, the natural characteristics of the day they spent digging in and Winchester! They rode them, our entire front was under sniper and artillery fire morale remained at its high.. The defenders the food was good, and the remainder of the many good features of Kilmer, most! About 25 pages members sought out mines continuously in the zone of its advance, as did the Second... To their own lines, and the Normandy French companies i and R platoon immediately.

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